A few month’s back, Miyamoto had made remarks, hinting towards a Nintendo 3DS remake of either Majora’s Mask, or “related to” A Link to the Past.

Both of these were memorable games in the series, and both offered unique aspects and style, each giving equal influence to the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Earlier today, GAME listed Majora’s Mask on their website for the Nintendo 3DS, but just as quickly at they put it up, they pulled it off of the site. I would like to see an isometric viewpoint remake of A Link to The Past (exampled above). The isometric viewpoint really captures the beginning of Link’s journey, and is nearly untreaded territory in the 3DS library thus far, so I’d love to see Nintendo make example of the 3D possibilities with this viewpoint.

Which title would you be more interested in playing? Comment Below!

– Caleb Stiles