Project P-100 (working title) has been scarcely discussed, so today let’s discuss the plot, objectives and different features of this Wii U title.

Plot: Earth is under attack from an invasion of massive aliens, and your objective is to take charge of a group of unique super heroes, and harness their abilities. In Project P-100, your strength will come from numbers, and recruitment is a key aspect on each stage. 

Features: Players must explore each stage looking for citizen help, in order to take down these enormous aliens.  The more citizen help you have acquired, the stronger your Special Morph Powers will be. You can use these Special Morph Powers to harness powerful weapons, morph into a massive fist, or even morph into a traversable bridge.

Controls: Players will be taking control of the Wii U gamepad in this game in several different ways. You will be able to control your heroes, such as Vending Machine Man, Toilet Bowl Man, and Bonzai Man via the touch screen, as well as use the gamepad in order to solve in-game puzzle elements.

to get a clear understanding of this off-the-wall title, watch the trailer HERE

– Caleb Stiles