To be released alongside the WiiU this Holiday, Nintendoland is a lively theme park, filled with 12 Nintendo themed attractions, and seems to be the “Welcome to Wii U” poster child. Five of these twelve attractions have already been announced, and are as follows:

Donkey Kong’s Crash Course: This attraction is a single player experience that puts the GamePad’s motion controls to the test in a barrell controlling obstacle cource. The player will tilt the GamePad, causing his/her onscreen barrelt to roll and fall through an obstacle course, much like the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion: Luigi’s Ghost Mansion is a multiplayer attraction that involves teamwork, communication and sneakery by the player with the GamePad. The player with the GamePad is a ghost, and cannot be seen by the other players. This player’s objective is to sneak around the mansion, and tag every player, while dodging there damging flashlights. The other four players are armed with flashlights, that they must shine on the ghost player, in order to deduce his/her health to zero. These four teammates can work together by communicating, reviving one another, and teaming up on the elusive ghost.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day: In this tasy attraction, the player with the GamePad controlls to guards that are taking watch over a delicious candy orchard, and must stop the four animals from getting into the orchard. If the four animals (the other players are animals) sneak past the guard and steal 50 peices of candy, then they are victorious. However, if the GamePad player catches any one animal three times using his/her guards, then he/she is victorious.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest: Batle quest is an entirely cooperative attraction, where up to four players join forces, to take down enemies in a cloth like world redesigned from the original Legend of Zelda series. The  GamePad player is an archer, using the Gamepad as the bow, and the screen as a viewfinder, to take down enemie from a distance. The other three players wield shield and sword, swinging the wii remote in sword-like motions in order to defeat the cloth-like onslaught.

Takamaru’s Ninja Castle: Based on the early Famicon title, this single-player attraction equips the player only with ninja stars, which he/she must launch from the GamePad, using swipe-like motions trageted at the screen. The player must take down a growing army of ninja attackers by intuitively aiming the GamePad and precisely swiping the ninja stars amidst the trees and other environments.

I’m excited to see how the Accomplishment System will tie into this, and what that will mean for the competitive edge. Of these five announced attractions which one are you most looking forward to play?